Hi I’m Adam Ming

I started writing this newsletter when I was at the threshold of becoming an illustrator.

What is Adam’s Notes?

I write about my illustration journey into the children’s publishing industry. Things I wish I knew when I was trying to break-in. And the things I learn every day as I work on my first books with top publishers.

What you will get?

Pile of books featuring: things are what you make of them, project123, show your work, 7 habits, bird by bird, create your own universe
If the newsletter was a book, it will fit nicely amongst the books in this image.

📝 In daily newsletter you will get one short piece of creative advice.

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⚡️A daily sketchbook prompt

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Why people subscribe?

The people who read Adam’s Notes are curious about the day-to-day life of a working illustrator. They want to know how to break in and how to keep going in the industry.

People say the notes are: Insightful, Motivating, Inspiring, and Informative.

And they especially love that they are SHORT!