Hi I’m Adam Ming,

I’m a Startup co-founder turned picture-book illustrator, clients include Bloomsbury, Harper Collins, Wern & Rook, Anderson Press, Simon & Shuster, Walker Books, and Hardie Grant.

In this Newsletter, I write about how to build a Creative Practice and my ongoing adventures as a picture book illustrator.

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This email will open your mind to the practice and pitfalls of making art. My aim is to be beginner-friendly by focusing on the basics. And I’ll focus more on concepts, principles, and insights rather than technical tips.

Advanced creators will know that being advanced, is just being good at the basics, so there’s a lot to be gained for you too!

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People say the notes are: Insightful, Motivating, Inspiring, and Informative.

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Adam Ming

Adam Ming is a Children's Book Illustrator. Clients include Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, Wern and Rook, Simon & Shuster, Walker Books and Anderson Press. He writes about Developing a Creative Practice and his experience illustrating picturebooks