You have good Taste!

This is a newsletter about closing the taste gap as coined by Ira Glass.

Hi I’m Adam Ming,

Recently over a period of 2 years I was able to close my taste gap enough to become a picture-book illustrator, with upcoming books with Bloomsbury, Harper Collins, Wern & Rook, Anderson Press & Hardie Grant.

I write about the reasons we’re not as good as we want to be, and how to get better. It’s a matter of having really good taste.

What you will get?


YOU will get one idea aimed at helping you move your creative practice from your current ability to the level of your tastes. Each short note will include a prompt or directive. Something to act on. By subscribing you will be part of a community that’s relentlessly closing the gap between their ability and their tastes.


YOU will be invited to a ‘tasting’. This special edition of the newsletter will be a behind the scenes vulnerable look at my weaknesses and my aspirations and how I go about closing that gap. Discover new artist and inspirations and learn how to use that inspiration to unlock new levels of your creative practice.

Why do people subscribe?

People say the notes are: Insightful, Motivating, Inspiring, and Informative.

And they like that they are concise :)

I invite you to become a part of this community where we constantly refine our tastes, and develop our creative abilities together.

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Notes to help you close the Gap between your Creative Ambition and your Daily Practice! By picturebook illustrator Adam Ming


Adam Ming

Adam Ming is a Children's Book Illustrator. He his work is joyful, energetic and filled with comic sensibility. He lives in Malaysia with his beautiful wife & baby girl.