I know exactly what you mean. Bullet journalling overwhelmed me for some reason. So I now have a bit of a visual journal where I mix my sketchbook and my journal. I usually make them myself by stitching up watercolour paper or pastel paper cause I could NEVER FIND a book with the paper that I like working with. I almost always could never appreciate the book in the moment I'm working in it. I almost hate it. I only see value looking back after several months to a year.

I need to work on being findable I just hate putting myself out there. getting reconciled to the fact that it's the only way to be found as you've said Adam.

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Hi Adam, I've been addicted to bullet journaling too, sometimes it replaces my sketchbook, and a lot of times it replaces my writing journal. I really like to have things written down. I admit I never (with a capital 'N') used to go back to look at it, even though I felt adamant about writing it and cataloging it. But something has shifted in the last year, where I feel emotionally ready to look back on my past writings and drawings. Now I feel like I have a treasure that I have been building for years and years.

Anyway, I tried many different kinds of notebooks for bullet journals, wanting to try the latest and greatest with their added features, but always return to the one I started with, the Moleskine squared notebook. The lesson here for me is to listen to my own preferences over other people's suggestions.

Thanks for your daily notes Adam, I read each and every one.

Much love,


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