Not this weekend.

Housekeeping and a podcast.

Hey Everyone,

I noticed that less of you read emails on the weekend. So I’ve decided to stop sending ‘Adam’s Notes’, on weekends.

In the future I may start a weekend only newsletter that you can sign up for separately.

Today, I wanted to share this podcast by Tim Ferriss with you on lifestyle design:

4 hour workweek podcast

If you’ve never read the four hour work week, this is a quick way to get 80% of the value out of the book.

The book is not really about working 4 hours a week, rather it’s a set of skillsets and mindsets that can be apples to increase your effectiveness in work.

Over the last 10 years I’ve probably implemented, all the ideas from the talk.

Some of the big ones are:

  1. Outsourcing (I outsource 80% of my meals)

  2. Using time as a currency

  3. And gaining mobility, ( I got into the work from home thing pre-lockdowns)

Hope you have a great weekend,

I’ll see you on Monday!