Habit of making up rules.

And keeping them

In my studio I have a yoga mat. And a kettlebell.

I’m trying to set this really simple set of rules to get me to train.

  1. Un-roll the Yoga Mat

  2. Start this Playlist (3 “songs” ,18 minutes)

  3. Stay on the mat until the music ends

My training playlist.

This set of habits adhere’s to James Clear’s 2-Minute Rule for building new habits. I’ll let you know if it sticks.

About the ‘songs’, they are actually snippets of podcast cut to music.

“Get that good feeling” - helps you get over the initial hump and makes you want to come back for more.

“Discipline equals freedom” - helps orient your mind towards discipline.

“Good” - helps you see the positive in every situation, and end the workout with a feeling of gratitude.

(There’s some cursing in the music)