Art Buffet: Thinking of Sections

Hello friends,

I’m thinking of introducing sections to this newsletter.

Sections would mean you could subscribe to certain categories of content instead of getting all the content every day.

Here are some ideas for sections.

  1. Adam Reads, notes from books I’m reading

  2. Weekly roundup from the newsletter and the internet at large, would provide an option for people who would prefer a weekly email, while still providing NEW content to daily users

  3. Intellectual Capital, thoughts on keeping a notebook and developing ideas

  4. Daily Notes (current format)

  5. Art Class, instructions, prompts, lessons

  6. Art Career Club, broad and deep discussions on the business of art

  7. Comics - Artful views on life through the windows of cartoon boxes

  8. Explainers - Notes for a 5 year old

  9. NEWS - updates on my publishing and creative exploits


  1. Which of the Sections appeals to you?

  2. Which would you pay for?

  3. How frequently would you like to receive content on a particular section?

  4. Is there a section you would like that is not mentioned?

Note :

I don’t plan to introduce all these sections, and definitely not all at once, but I did want to float it to you to get your input. Ultimately, this is a community that we’re building together :)