My best time is 11am 1pm. I've done extensive experimentation...

Before 7am, I'm dysfunctional + grumpy = dangerous.

Between 7-8 is the best time for morning pages - they're mostly drivel, but it's good to clear the runway for the real work.

Between 8-10am is the best time for me to work out, which has to be closely followed by eating and showering.

Then I can work, write, create, dialogue. Generally be a person.

After 3pm, I'm just pretending to be one.

By 6pm, I've stopped pretending, and I only talk to the dog.

I get a little weird boos between 9pm and 10pm which I try to channel into something productive, but mostly I just create mess. And at 10:30 I'm snoring.

God my life is boring.

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I've heard this changes when/if you have kids. I didn't, so nobody is waking me up at 6am!

I often fall into that productive nightshift timeframe but it's not ideal. Maybe I need to move timezone... I think then I could be productive in the morning like if I moved from Europe to California or Mexico for example...!

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I love this idea and despite trying for years I am just NOT a morning person… I’m happy for all those who are that probably get a more time with friends and family & a better night sleep!! For my 2 hours in the evening or night are my valuable time where I don’t get disturbed and am highly productive. Sometimes you just have to embrace the times you know you are more productive and utilise those. So I tend to do my chores and exercise in the morning otherwise I feel defeated I wasn’t productive trying to work. I t has been proven there are morning and night people - and it comes back to when we were tribal thy someone was always awake to protect the camp. So there you go!! ✌️

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