Four words to cut through the noise and help you focus.
as an illustrator.
Fox an Austin Kleon quote
You don’t fail all at once. No, you fail bit by bit. You miss the mark. You fail to wake up on time. You fail to draw in your sketchbook. You fail to t…
a habit of taking quiet paths
And two ways I curb my own complacency.
Housekeeping and a podcast.
10 reasons I aim to post on social media daily.
And keeping them
Once I find a shape I like through loose drawing, I lock them in by painting them flat like this, it’s a digital equivalent of cutting out pieces of pa…
I have scattered around the house, maybe ten or twenty unread books. And I have a small shelf of thin volumes that I would read and reread a page or a …
To myself, because picture books are not only for children